Saturday, April 23
Adam Beyer, Len Faki, Bart Skils, Monika Kruse & Victor Ruiz
from 2 800 Р
start at 22:00
Adam Beyer
... has gone from the Swedish underground to the world club culture and headlining performances at major festivals. Music has been his hobby since childhood and now it is clearly visible at his performances around the world. His performances and music know no boundaries. A performance at a festival or an hour-long solo show - in any format, he is able to immerse you into the world of techno as deeply as anyone else.
Bart Skils
...a Dutch DJ who is always one step ahead and in many ways ahead of time. His releases on Drumcode are considered to be among the most popular tracks in the Netherlands in recent years. His unique approach to techno and house music clearly appeals to a lot of people in the Netherlands and beyond.
Len Faki
...another representative of Berlin techno, which has not lost its relevance for a long time. This fact is confirmed at least by the fact that he has been a resident of the world-famous Berghain club since its opening in 2004! His sound is constantly evolving and becoming more vivid and energetic, and his performances are always an exciting audiovisual adventure in which he feels the energy and needs of the audience as much as possible.
Monika Kruse
...one of the pioneers of the European techno sound. The head of the Terminal M label has gone from a pioneer of German dance culture and organizer of raves in abandoned bomb shelters to worldwide popularity and performances at Awakenings, Time Warp and other famous techno festivals. Her music literally reads like a novel, which captures the history of a quarter of a century of rave and techno.
Victor Ruiz
...a Brazilian DJ for whom music is a real art that touches the most delicate threads. His sets are what you need to hear and feel. His remixes of classical electronic music are both part of the performance and the key to his popularity around the world.
Adrenaline Stadium
The Adrenaline Stadium Club is one of the largest venues in Moscow, capable of comfortably accommodating up to 7,000 guests, where every spectator will have a direct view of the stage.

The multifunctional, interactive, state-of-the-art space is designed for performances by major world and Russian stars, mass dance parties, sports and gaming events, exhibitions and corporate events.

DRUMCODE MOSCOW @ Adrenaline Stadium
DRUMCODE showcase - for the first time in Russia!
On November 13, Adrenaline Stadium will be pierced by vibes of dark techno, which will sound on the dance floor until the morning. Responsible for the atmosphere of this night will be the masters of their craft - representatives of the Drumcode label, led by its creators: Adam Beyer, Bart Skils, Len Faki, Monika Kruse, and Victor Ruiz.

Since 1996, the Drumcode label has been literally synonymous with the word "techno" and finally, they will prove their status in Russia at the label's branded event.
— Access to the dance floor
— Shared wardrobe
— Common bar
2 800
The same as Dance +
— Balconies with the best view of the show
— Separate entrance
— Separate wardrobe
— Separate bar
— Separate toilets
5 000
The same as Deluxe +
— 50% Deposit
— Tables for 2-12 people
— Separate seats at the table
7 000
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